Pet Odor Eliminator Concentrate - 8 oz.

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                                                **MAKES 1 GALLON**
  • Pets are the most adorable, but they can also leave some nasty odors behind. Angry Orange doesn’t just mask the bad smells away, it completely neutralizes them, thanks to the powerful ingredients that attack and eliminate airborne, fabric & hard surface odors. It’s made with orange oil, a natural cleaner.

    After mixing the concentrate with water (see instructions for recommended ratio), you can spray in the air or on surfaces with confidence, but a little goes a long way. Simply mist anywhere pet odor is a problem. Angry Orange freshens and eliminates all at the same time. All that’s left behind is a fresh, citrusy scent that will envelop your senses!

    For deeper/set in stains, pair this product with the Angry Orange Enzyme Cleaner. This product is best used in a spray bottle. It is not for use in a steam cleaner.

  • Eliminates tough pet odors rather than just masking
  • Safely derived from the oil found in orange peels
  • 8 oz. bottle of concentrate makes 1 gallon of spray
  • Works directly on litter and kennels, furniture, outdoor areas, wood floors, and more.