Live Crickets 1" - 2" Adult

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Keep your reptile fed and happy with Live Crickets. These crickets make a nutrient-rich meal for your pet, providing protein and other essential nutrients your pet needs to thrive.

Features: Feeder Insect/invertebrate (House & Banded)

Food Type: Primary Diet

Includes: 1" -2" Inch Feeder Crickets

Intended For: Anoles (e.g., Green, Cuban False Chameleon/Chameleolis); Lizards (e.g., Bearded Dragons, Water Dragons, Mountain Horned Dragons, Long-tailed, Curly-tailed, Plated); Chameleons (e.g., Jacksons, Veiled, Panther); Geckos (e.g., Leopard, Panther, Cave); Frogs (e.g., Pacman, Tomato, Tree); Tarantulas (e.g., Pink-toe, Curly-hair, Mexican Red Knee, Mexican Striped Knee); Scorpions (e.g., Asian Forest, Emperor)